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ILS 2021: Katharina Hohenwallner goes to Regensburg as invited early career researcher

Congratulations to Katharina Hohenwallner - the first PhD student of our lab- for her invited talk at the 1st International Lipidomics Symposium and 7th Lipidomics Forum 2021 in Regensburg! We are proud that her research on "A novel lipid droplet specific LC-MSn workflow for investigating therapy-resistance mechanisms in human colon cancer" was selected in a competitive selection process in the category of female early career oral presentation.

Kathariner Hohenwallner giving her talk at ILS 2021

The whole conference and travelling was covered and Kathi did an excellent presentation of her ongoing research within our FWF funded research group. She shared her newest data (finished on time in the week before the conference...) on lipid droplet extractions spiked with LILY lipids to look into lipid-related metal drug resistance mechanisms in human colon cancer cell lines.

Besides presenting high-end scientific research, Kathi enjoyed her first in person conference (due to COVID regulations...) since her PhD start last year in July 2020. Together with Felina Hildebrand from the Köllensperger lab -presenting an excellent poster on utilizing a counter gradient in reversed phase-based lipid quantification to reduce matrix effects during ionization- they explored both the conference venue and the city of Regensburg.

We are looking forward to the upcoming years of Kathi's PhD!

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